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By Megan

In the next two months we will be saying our goodbyes to many of our Elm House friends. Some children have been with us for just this school year and are moving up to preschool, others have been here since they were newly one year old, but all will be missed dearly. At Elm House we have a tradition of hosting a casual goodbye circle where we gather outside, eat a summer fruit snack together and sing a few songs together one last time as a group. These rituals help us all have closure on a child and their family’s experience here. We also will be making photo pages for your children to help them remember their first school community experience.

If your child is having their last day at Elm House soon, please start the conversation of goodbye’s with them a week or two prior.  Usually a week or two is plenty of time for them to begin to process something like an impending goodbye and anything longer than that might cause lots of confusion or anxiety. Visual representations of time like a picture calendar that they can be involved in keeping track of the days are super helpful in times of transition. Honoring feelings of sadness, hesitation, insecurity, loss or just plain excitement will help them feel secure and cared for in times of change. If your child has a favorite friend that you know they will miss, we encourage you to touch base with parents and set up play dates. The relationships and emotional bonds that these children have formed with each other this year are very incredible and absolutely sacred! And please know that with a heads up you are always welcome to stop by and say hello during our afternoon outside times~we love when graduates visit.

This month we will be wishing well…


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