“We saw seeds.”

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by Mage

This week we have been talking about pumpkins, making predictions about what will be inside, and then opening them up and inspecting them. Today we opened a second pumpkin in our backyard.


Mage: Do you remember when we opened the first pumpkin? What did we find inside that pumpkin?
Isaac: We saw seeds.
Mage: And what do you think will be inside of this pumpkin?
Isaac: It will have more seeds in it.
Mage: I’m looking inside the first pumpkin. What color are the insides? (Holds pumpkin out toward children)
Isaac: It’s yellow.
Mage: Yellow. And what color do you think this new pumpkin will be inside?
Isaac: Orange.
Mage: Your prediction is that the inside will be orange and have seeds. Let’s find out what’s inside!

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2 Comments on ““We saw seeds.””

  1. Aw… Sweet Fall fun in the sun! And I never thought about using pumpkin carving as a tool to explore theory making. Very cool!

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