Today, I am grateful.

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By Bee

Today, I find myself full of immense gratitude. In each quiet moment I find more and more that I am thankful for. This is a time of year that many of us spend reflecting on what we hold dear, and in that spirit I hope you will indulge me as I share some of my appreciation here. <3

I am grateful for friendship and the connection that it brings.








I am grateful for the children and how much they teach me each and every day.









I am grateful for coffee, and people I love to drink it with. 😉








I am grateful for Megan and the way she can dream huge dreams, while remaining firmly rooted.









I am grateful for the art we create together and what it does for our sense of community.








I am grateful for Heidi, and the way she empowers the children through music.









I am grateful for the bounty of food we share with one another every day.







I am grateful for our sister school, Tulip Tree, and the strong, wise, passionate teachers it holds. I am grateful that they are there to embrace the minds, bodies, and hearts of our graduates, and continue to guide them.










I am grateful for younger siblings, and the tenderness and joy that they bring to us.









I am grateful for Mage and how he actively listens to all of us, whether we be a parent, a teacher, or a child.









I am grateful for silliness and the way it keeps the darkness at bay.









I am grateful for the opportunity to watch young people do more than they knew they were capable of.









I am grateful for sadness and the way it breaks us right open, allowing others to love us more deeply.









I am grateful for the opportunity to spend time in Nature every day, and to honor and explore all it has to share with us.









I am grateful for magic and wonder, and their power to break down boundaries.








I am grateful for trust and all it allows us to accomplish.






I am grateful for Joey, and the pureness of the light that they share with the children.









I am grateful for parents, and how much they enrich every single thing we do. Alone, we are merely a school, but with you by our side we are an entire learning community that is capable of much much more than any singular school would be otherwise.










I am grateful for quiet moments.








I am grateful for unexpected tenderness, and the way it reminds me of the love that surrounds all of us all the time.








I am grateful for joy, laughter, and the merriment that comes with being our true selves.









I am grateful for the dream that became this school. I am grateful that Sarah Lu uses her resources to elevate and support women, POC, and queer people. I am grateful that this empowers us to go out and support the people and causes most dear to our own hearts.









I am grateful for innovation and all the surprises it brings.








I am grateful for support, and the many faces that it wears.








I am grateful for curiosity, and how it teaches us the value of slowing down and being present.









I am grateful for I, and for her constant warmth and unending patience.








I am grateful to teach in an anti-bias environment. I am grateful for all I have learned, and for the constant push to learn more, dive deeper, and keep unpacking. I am grateful for people who are willing to talk about the ugly and the hard stuff.









I am grateful for love, and that so much of my work is playing witness to it.









I am grateful that every single day the children remind me to be hopeful. The future is so much brighter than any of us know. The children, these children, YOUR children will not fail us. I know in my heart that the best is yet to come. <3

As always you are welcome to share your thoughts, wonderings, or what you are personally grateful for in the comments below.







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