There is a rainbow on our wall!

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By Bee

Bee: “Wow! There is a rainbow on our wall! I feel surprised, confused, and excited! I’m wondering how this rainbow got into our classroom!?”

Z: “I want to see! I want to see!”

Bee: “You’re feeling like you want to see the rainbow too! You can use your eyes to look at the wall.”

Z: “I see it!!!”

L: “Me too!”

H: “And me! And me!”

Bee: “We are all observing the rainbow on the wall together. How magical! I still feel so curious about where it came from!!!

Z: “Maybe it will disappear in a second.”

Bee: “You think it might go away, Z?”

Z: “Yeah. Sometimes I see rainbows…and then sometimes sometimes sometimes I don’t see them.”

Bee: “Yes. That has happened to me too. Rainbows are very ethereal. Sometimes we only glimpse them for a moment before they are gone. Perhaps that is why they are so special to us.”

L: *blows on the wall with gusto*

Bee: “L, I noticed you are blowing on the rainbow. Can you tell me more about that?”

L: *laughs* “Yeah! I am blowing on the rainbow. See?”

Bee: “I do see. I am wondering if you are trying to blow it away.”

L: *shakes head* “No. I’m just blowing.”

Bee: “Oh, okay! Thanks for explaining that to me.”

Z: “I like it.”

Bee: “You like the rainbow, Z?”

Z: “Yeah. I like it. I like rainbows.”

Bee: “Me too. We have a connection. We both like rainbows. They are one of my very favorite things.”

H: “I want to reach.”

Bee: “You feel like you cannot reach the rainbow on the wall, H? Our bodies are far away. Would you like me to move closer with you so that we can reach it? It is safe for our bodies to move closer. I will go with you.”

H: *Nods. Then moves closer to the wall with Bee.*

Bee: “Now we are closer. We can reach if we want to. Or we can look with only our eyes. Whatever feels best to us.”

*Bee and the children collectively observe as the rainbow fades and disappears from the wall*

Bee: “Children, the rainbow is gone. It is time for us to move our bodies upstairs so that we can go outside.”

Z: “Maybe the rainbow is outside too!”

Bee: “You think so, Z? I sure hope so. Lets go see if we can find it.”

3 Comments on “There is a rainbow on our wall!”

  1. I loved reading this! What a beautiful interaction. This post is a lovely glimpse into the elm house. Thank you.

  2. Wow! What a big brush of surprise on the wall! I love the blowing on it. Thinking about it perhaps blowing away, what it could be made of to allow it to catch wind and fly feels so spectacular.

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