shadows and light

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By Jackie

Inspired by a lot of the projector/flash lights work by other Elm House teachers, I thought I explore shadows with our Elm House friends. I started  pointing out shadows to them when we have those golden sunny days.

Once in the backyard, after I introduced his shadow to him, ZP started saying hi to his shadow, saying:”Hi Z’s shadow! Hi!” while waving his hand.

And then more fiends are noticing their shadows:

When LS noticed her shadow, she was saying :”It doesn’t have any eye balls!” and laughing.

It is quite interesting to see how many of them identified their shadows as another separate being. How in the world of children, many objects are alive. This is a wonderful reminder for me, as a grown up, not to lose my imagination and playfulness .

I am going to try incorporate flash light into the play to see if they can make the connection among light-object-shadow đŸ™‚



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  1. Tilda has been pointing out our shadows a LOT recently. I’ve been surprised how good she is at identifying which shadow belongs to who.

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