Revisiting Rowan Berries

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by Mage

The tree with the orange berries in the farthest left corner of our backyard is called a rowan tree. The berries do not look edible, but they are. They are very astringent, and medicinal. Last year many of the children tasted the berries, and found that they weren’t tasty. They continued to try them regularly for some time, and also used them for other activites, especially berry smashing. Earlier this week, a few of the children asked me about the berries…

SeT pointed to the berries on the rowan tree in the backyard. “What are those orange berries on the tree, Mage?”
Mage: Those are rowan berries, would you like to try one?
SeT: Yes.
SaT: I would like to try some, too.
EB: I try too?
Mage pulls some berries off the tree and washes them under a hose.
Mage: These berries are not sweet, they are bitter and sour, at least to my taste.
The children taste the berries.
Mage: Do you like them?
SeT: Yes
SaT: No
EB: Yes
SeT: Bleeehhhh Bleehhh. We are saying Bleehhh!!
EB: Bleehh!!
SeT walks around the yard with an open mouth, then comes back to Mage.

SeT: I don’t like it. Can we try some more, Mage?
Mage: Maybe this afternoon. Soon we will have lunch… Do you remember a year ago when you tried those rowan berries?
SeT: When I was two, Mage?
Mage: Yes, I think you had just turned two.
SeT: And I tried the berries and didn’t like them.
Mage: Yes, I remember you tried the berries and didn’t like them. But you used to put them on the stumps and smash them with a rock!


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