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by Mage

Since returning to Elm House this January, after the break (and many starts and stops), so many of the toddlers have aged and matured in leaps and bounds! Every day, we teachers talk often about how “grown up” so many of the children seem these days. On that subject, one question which many families often ask is, “It seems like my child plays alone and doesn’t share toys with other children. When can I expect to see my child play with other children?” The short answer I always give is, that depends… Depends on what? Many things, as you might imagine: development, frequency and types of exposure to social situations, cultural norms and expectations surrounding the child, etc., etc. Which is to say, it’s all individual and we can’t predict on a perfect timeline when children will begin playing together.

That being said, many of the children are playing together much more frequently at Elm House these days!

I thought I’d share a few instances of the children playing together that I saw today at EH.


The children play “Jenga” together, taking turns pulling blocks off the tower. They also work together to build the tower back up when it falls down.


Isaac overheard Lucy and Henry pretending to put dirt in their trucks. “What if it dumps a block?” Isaac asks, as he puts a block in Lucy’s dump truck. Henry latches onto this idea and brings over more blocks to help Lucy.


Lucy and Henry help each other complete a puzzle. They discuss (through words and pointing), where each piece fits.


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  1. Lovely post, Mage! So great to see them developing and changing, sharing and playing together. Also Jenga is brilliant. Hadn’t thought about playing that with Isaac and may have to pick up a set now!

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