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Bee and I wonder what we can do this afternoon with the children. We think perhaps a walk? Her and I look outside…No…it’s too cold! Bee says “How about painting? We haven’t done that in awhile.” “Yes!” I say. We are so excited to see the children’s thoughts and creativity on paper!

First we tape a giant piece of paper to the table.

The children wait so patiently while we gather enough water color pallets for each child.


Now each child has a pallet. Lets see what they paint!

“I’m making clouds.” -LR

“I’m making clouds!” -FB

“I made circle!!!” -WS

“I made a circle!” -OS

“I made circle!” -WS repeats.

Some of the children are quieter, focused on their work of art.

LR & FB share their pallets and their paintings.

OS feels like he actually needs TWO paint brushes for his work of art.


“Let’s do acrylic paint! What color should we do?” Bee asks the group.

“Blue!” A few of the children reply ecstatically.

We add blue acrylic paint to each child’s painting area.

“I’m rubbing it. . . I’m making home”- DG

“I’m making a circle Hadas.” -LR

“I’m making a circle Hadas. . .I’m made fire!” -WS

Some friends explore the feeling of the acrylic paint on their fingers.

“I’m making trees. . . I made fire trucks. It’s so big!” -OS

“I’m painting home” -FB

The children are starting to feel done…let’s see the finished product!

Our friends worked so hard to make this beautiful art for the Elm Room. Thank you!

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