Musical Parent Night

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By Jackie and Laurie

Just recently, Heidi came to hang out with us for parent night! Parents have been hearing their little ones bringing pieces of music home from music time with Heidi on Wednesdays and curious about what those songs are. So she brought many of her cool instruments and sang us her signature songs! We all sat in a circle and learned those songs together. Parents were having the chance to be silly with Heidi’s fun songs. (Sorry my pics are so dark!)

After a brief but spectacular presentation about music from Heidi, we divided ourselves into two groups to try make a little tune. We have so many musical parents and they all brought with them their instruments!

Here are the recording of the two songs we made

The lyrics are inspired by the things teachers are working on with the children, they are: Rainbows/Colors; Babies;Seeds/Growing; Homes; and Different bodies

Heidi made the comment on Wednesday that this is the first time she did music with only parents and she had enormous fun! Our parents have been making comments on our musical cohorts since the summer. We have watched as children at Elm House have taught each other favorite songs, dance moves, and inventive musical instrumentation. We were so happy to invite Heidi to parent night- to sing together, play instruments together, see what a circle time looks, sounds and feels like together, to learn some new songs and motions with our bodies, and to write music.

Parents who were not able to make it can work in some of what we learned by recognizing that we are investigating music as one of the 100 Languages this year, and no matter your level of musical “skill” you can incorporate music literacy in your home. Pick some favorite tunes, make up little rhymes for transitions in the day, get silly with your dances, use musical instruments or even take out pots & pans (or plastic food storage for something a bit quieter!) for a little rhythm explore time while you cook. Dance, sing, move, wiggle: all of it counts in brain development, coordination, skills learning and of course fun!

Thank you all for hanging out and making it a such success!

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