LS’s Creation Story

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By Laurie

Is getting ready to say goodbye to LS, who is making the move to preschool, we have been looking at a lot of old photos and talking about what once was (babyhood) and what is to come (what to expect at preschool). This is coinciding with our several month long reading and rereading of Raven: A Pacific Northwest Trickster Tale, which is a story of transformation and, in it’s own right, a creation story. It’s exciting to me when children begin telling stories, and having been given creation mythology, begin to create their own myths of where they came from and how it is they came to be.

LS holding ZP’s hand, singing songs.

LS was in my afternoon group along with her dear friend ZP. ZP has also been at Elm House since babyhood and the two of them are often working out their imaginary play, friendship struggles, concepts, and exciting discoveries together. This was how our conversation went:

LN “Are you still a baby?”
Group: “No!”
LN “Do you remember being a baby?”
LS “I Remember ZP was a little nut! ZP was a little nut and then ZP was an owl.
He was an owl and he flew away.
I picked ZP up and he was a little nut baby and I was holding him.”
LN “Like this?” (tiny fingers)
LS “No like this” (cradled arms)
LN “I have a photo of when ZP was a baby and LS was a baby.”
LS (wistfully) “Yeah.”
LS “Sometimes I have to turn into a big big… turn into a monster and say RAWR! Rawr!”
LN “Gasp! Is anybody else a monster sometimes?”
ZP “Yeah I know it monsters are really really really really really really really really scary!”
LS “You gonna be a monster and I’m gonna be a monster! ZP and me are both gonna be monsters!”
SM “Monsters outside”
LS “Rayray and you and you are gonna be monsters. All of us are gonna be monsters.”
LN “The whole group. What about babies?”
LS Noooo, not babies.”
LN (laughs) “No more babies?”
LS “All gone babies!”

We will miss you LS- and all your wonderful stories!

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