Fall Has Arrived!

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It’s is fall here at Elm House, and we sure are embracing it! Fall at Elm House means:


The children are working with pumpkins, squash or gords at various times of the day 

The children are wearing their favorite fall gear

The children love to watch the leaves fall at the goodbye window

Some mornings and afternoons we need to lay out a blanket on the wet deck so the children can lay down while we sing “sleeping bunnies,” a favorite song among the children, where they pretend to sleep and then get up and jump-“hop little bunnies!” we sing.

Finally, the children have noticed and love the new decorations in the Elm Room. “Kitty cat!” “Halloween!” “pumpkin!” “lights!” the children repeat throughout the day.



What does fall look like for your family? Decorations in the house? Pumpkin carving? Traditions?

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