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By Jackie

At one of our teacher meeting, I mentioned my searching for directions to go after my conversation about our eye colors. I thought of a face puzzle but was afraid that it would be too complicated for some younger children. Laurie mentioned that I can do a very simple puzzle by folding the pictures in half. I thought it was a great idea, and I can fold it in a way that only their eyes are showing for them to guess who’s eyes are those.

So I cropped out some of our faces and made some puzzles to test it out.

I called it the game of “guessing whose eyes are they”, I told them I have a game to play with them about guessing whose eyes are in the picture and the eyes belongs to friends in Elm House, then I hold up a folded picture and ask:”Whose eyes do you think they are?”, friends would take turns guessing, and the answer would be revealed by me unfolding the picture.

They all got really excited after they got the hang of the game and eager to be the one who hold the pictures and revealing the correct answer.

Seeing them having so much fun with it, I will definitely keep this game going by keeping searching for better pictures and switching them up, also I think it would be fun to throw our teachers’ faces into the mix!

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