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by Mage

A few months ago I laminated some close-up images of the childrens’ eyes. Not much came up that at first, since I had displayed them in such a way that encouraged flinging them in the air more than examining the images. I put them away in the closet for later, but I had missed a couple and they were floating freely around my classroom.

Yesterday, Max found one of the free-floaters and held it up to me. He said, “Cat!! Cat!!” I said, “Oh you found the cat eyes!” He pointed at them and looked excited. Sen and Henry came over as well to look at the image in Max’s hand. I said, “We have more in the closet. Should I get more eyes for us to look at?” The children waited while I got up and pulled the other photographs down from the closet. I spread them out on the rug.


The children pointed at the photos, touching them, and picking them up.




As they picked up the eyes and brought them to me, I asked each of them, “Whose eyes do you think these are?” They struggled to correctly identify each other’s eyes and their own eyes, though they all recognized the cat every time!

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