Everyone at EH is a teacher

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By: I

When our amazing sub, Touk, was teaching for a little while here at Elm House I over heard them say to LR, “You can be a teacher today!” And I instantly felt inspired, but wasn’t quite sure how to explore that inspiration.

A few weeks ago, as LR was sprawled out on the floor of the den, he looked at me and said “But I want to be the teacher.” I felt so happy…maybe he had remembered what Touk said and his request gave me guidance. I saw this as in opportunity to ask one question further.

“You can be the teacher today!” -I


“What would you teach if you were a teacher?” -I

“I want to be a teacher!” -LR

“I think you might teacher your friends how to jump off walls..” -I

“No…” -LR

“Maybe you would teach parkour?” -I

“Yes–LR nods smiling”


“I want to be a teacher too” -SM

“What would you teach?” -I

“I would teach how to read” -SM

“I teach my friends how to read too!” -I

“Yeah, then I will be like YOU!” -SM


“I think I want to be a teacher too!” -OC

“What would you teach, OC?” -I

“I will teach reading” -OC


As an adult instructor sometimes I forget that I’m learning everyday just as my younger friends are. They are teaching me, too. They may not be able to teach me to read, but they teach me all sorts of other important life lessons. I see parallels between their lives and mine.

When my friends are feeling frustrated they may let out a loud cry or scream. When an adult is frustrated they may lash out. I often say “you can say I’m frustrated, or angry! when you’re feeling like screaming or yelling.” As you can imagine, this is repeated throughout the day often.

As an adult is easy to forget to verbalize our emotions instead of acting out, if you will, off of our emotional state. Repeating these words daily and watching as these younger children figure out how to express their emotions in a healthy way makes me better at handling my emotions in a healthy way, too. How we express ourselves under extreme frustration or anger is so important in our relationships and how we show up in the adult world. When I see my friends mirror my emotional expressions or I see that they have absorbed a teachers instructions on verbalizing their feelings, that in turn teaches and reminds me of what a healthy expression of emotion looks like.

Thank you children of Elm House! You ARE a teacher!



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