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We have new friends at Elm House, and the Elm House children who have been with us for awhile are trying to find ways to connect and become friends. The children have so many inquiries about their new friends, and sometimes need an example of a kind way to show interest in playing with a new friend.


I have seen many instances of children trying to connect to our new friend, AB, this week!


One of our star greeters, CG offers a new student a play phone through the gate at drop off. CG also puts her hand out to AB to offer to go to the sandbox.


ZC: who’s that? Pointing to AB.

This is a new friend. Her name is __.

ZC: eyes? (pointing to AB’s eyes)

Yes, AB has two eyes.

ZC: eyes. (pointing to her own eyes) ..and nose?

Yes, AB also has a nose.

ZC: ears? ears. And Miss I’s ears..

Yes, me, you and AB all have two ears!

ZC: Legs…As ZC touches AB’s leg

Yes, AB has legs, but remember you need to ask for her consent before you touch her legs. You may touch my leg if you want..

ZC: Legs! As ZC touches my leg

Then AB puts her hand on my leg too. Yes, we all have two legs!

ZC notices she, AB and Miss I all have the same body parts! What a way to connect!

That afternoon, after similar inquires from that morning (who is that? etc.), ZC offers AB a funnel to play with.


WS throws a ball AB’s way in hopes she will play catch with him.


HA offers AB her toy in the sandbox.

Megan models for JL a kind way that she can connect.

She offers AB a book.



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  1. That is exactly ZC. I have played many games of 2 eyes 2 ears 😄
    Very well captured and glad to see how new friends are fitting in

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