Baby Fever!

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Baby Fever! – by Joey Voxnaes

It’s a really exciting time at Elm House, and the enthusiasm is infectious in the best of ways — a new, young cherub of a child has joined our ranks, and he is just beginning to learn how to walk.  WS wonderfully graces us with his presence 3 days a week and inspires us all to slow down in order to take better care of each other.  Sometimes, we literally slow down to allow WS to scoot or crawl to join us.  Other times, we remind each other to slow down our bodies, recalling our agreement that running is for outside.  We slow down partially because others’ bodies are safer when we are walking and paying attention to not only where we are going, but where our friends’ bodies are.  We also slow down so as not to overwhelm, or scare, our friends, especially new friends like WS who are smaller than the rest of us and still getting to know everyone at school.

Giving WS affection to help welcome him at school has become a favorite past time for a lot of the children at Elm House.

HB is going in for a kiss!

WS gives back lots of affection, through loving glances …

and showing us that he has become comfortable enough with us to display confidence through trials, errors, and successes!

One of the most fascinating things about WS and his daily routine, to his friends, is the daily afternoon bottle after nap.  Whoever is awake is always excited to help!


Those of us who have trouble helping like to practice as best we can:

And sometimes, after we get lots of practice at school and at home, we can even hold the bottle all by ourself:

Countless lessons are learned when we take care of each other, including but not limited to: compassion, magnanimity, caution, safety, tenderness, love, and our own innate ability to adapt to the needs of others.

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  1. Will is surrounded by so much care and love at school! It’s so fun to see the other kids helping out ❤

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