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By Bee

At a recent staff meeting we discussed connection, and how we would like both you and your children to know more about who we are as people. We are incredibly grateful for all of the trust you place in us, and wondered at how difficult that must be for you when we only get to chat for a few minutes each morning and evening.

We also know that children benefit from a lot of processing time, and that they often want to revisit familiar things. It is our hope that if we have information about ourselves on the blog your child will be able to access it with you, think about it, and then request it in the future if they are wondering about us. We are about to have a long break from school, and have found in the past that resources like this can help a child remain connected to school, even during an absence. We encourage you to use our Instagram in the same way. You can show your child pictures of what they do at school and ask them questions. You can replay videos of Heidi singing, or project work, and allow your child to reflect and process these in the peace and quiet of home.

Here are a couple of tidbits about me, written in a style that will be easy to share with your children. <3


One day, a long time ago, a girl named Bee was born in California.









Her dad was in the military, so she lived in lots of different places.

Bee didn’t mind moving. It felt like an adventure to her!

Bee has a Mom, a Dad, and a Brother named Bo.









Bee’s family lives far away, and she doesn’t really get to see them. Bee misses her family a lot.

Now Bee is grown up, and she lives in Oregon.







Bee spends a lot of time taking pictures. It is her favorite thing to do!







Bee lives with her husband, Kae.






Bee has lots of pets. Her cat, Monchichi, rides in the car sometimes.









Bee has been taking care of babies and children for a very long time. She loves it!









Bee and Kae love the water. They take special boats called kayaks to different rivers and lakes. Bee feels happy when she is by the water.









Kae drives a Jurassic Park Jeep. He likes to drive his car in the forest and sometimes Bee goes too. Bee is scared of cars, so she only goes when she is feeling brave.









If Bee is inside she likes to read a book with her cats Bug and Sif.







Bee feels happiest when she is outside. She loves to play in the forest and go hiking.










4 Comments on “About Bee”

  1. Thanks for sharing Bee, it’s great to get to know more about you and what happens outside school.

    1. Thank you, Matt! I appreciate all of your engagement on the blog! Thank you for always checking it out! <3

  2. Thanks Bee! I like that you wrote this so we can read it to our children in simple language. I am almost positive we saw your husband’s car this summer at Oxbow park while we were camping there and even asked him about it! Haha.

    1. Laura,
      That is so funny! We were at Oxbow, camping with families from Tulip Tree, whose children I took care of when they were at Elm House!!!

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