A Spark of Interest

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by Megan

I want you to think back, way back, to when you were a child. Did you have a favorite toy? Did you have an interest so strong that you devoted all of your spare time to an activity? Ok, now that you’ve got that one thing in the forefront of your mind, I want you to think of who or what was responsible for introducing you to your most beloved toy, or your favorite activity, or your collection. Was it a grandparent, a teacher, an child down the street? What sparked your interest, or piqued your curious mind? Often, we don’t give credit where credit is due. Where am I going with this, you ask? Is this a going to be a blog crediting teachers with all the sparks?! Absolutely not! In fact, I want to communicate the opposite. I feel like our parents at Elm House give their children such novel, interesting and amazing experiences outside of school that we have so many threads of learning to connect. We have so many strands to follow.

One strand of learning that came to us, was from Sen and his family. A few months ago they visited a museum that showcased dinosaur bones. This we believe, was the spark of the interest in dinosaurs for Sen. And wow, this spark has turned into wildfire with the other children at Elm House.  We have let them lead this interest and have observed the many games based on how they believe dinosaurs interacted. They have even taught each other how to cross their fingers to make T-Rex hands!

I’ve been gathering materials over the past few weeks to help us dive a little deeper into the dinosaur learning. Since children learn in so many different ways, 100 Languages I wanted to make sure I had materials for visual learners, tactile learners, musically inclined learners auditory learners We Are The Dinosaurs, etc.  I thank you all for the continued inspiration that your children so frequently bring to school.

Dinosaur Provocations

There is much more dinosaur learning to come! Stay tuned…

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