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by Alisha   CLAY it is soft smooth cold sloshy, like mud hard and soft together squishy really squishy you can make holes pull flatten build roll by Tulip Tree Preschoolers  

Wiggly, wiggly, wiggly

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by Mage This week and last week, we had a couple of days when the weather was just dry enough to be worthy of plenty of backyard time. Last Friday afternoon, at the request of the children, we turned over stumps and looked for worms. It’s worm season again! Turning over stumps to look at worms continues to be a tradition … Read More

Heidi Time

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By Katee     Today Heidi came after a hiatus last week with our Wednesday late start.  She began with the usual greeting song the children all know and love so well and then went into “blow the balloon”.  In this little ditty you blow the balloon (and blow and blow and blow and blow and blow) until it pops … Read More

Hibernation Hunters

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by Katee Yesterday some of us ventured out of the gates of school and walked the neighborhood in search of squirrel nests.  There is more than one nest visible from our yard and we went exploring to find more.  I told them that when all the leaves leave the trees, we can better see the nests the squirrels build- they … Read More

Making connections

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By Amber This morning at circle, Katee brought out a book from the library called “Why do bears hibernate?” Katee has been teaching them about all the types of animals that hibernate. The first chapter titled “How do animals cope with winter?” discusses how some animals hibernate because they cannot find food in the winter. “When winter comes, you do … Read More

Fire Drill

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By Katee Last week we had a fire drill.  This is a necessary practice that can sometimes be a little scary to do with these vivid imaginations among us. We always emphasize that there is not going to be a real fire today and that it is just extra safe to practice these things so everyone has the tools they … Read More

Reflections on children’s reflections

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by Mage Observing children interact with mirrors can be fascinating, because their perceptions of what a mirror is and their understanding of their own reflection seems to change slowly over time. None of us were born with the ability to recognize our own image in a mirror the first time we looked. Lacan believed that humans can recognize their own … Read More

Exploring Anger

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by Alisha Anger is an extremely powerful emotion. It is a an explosive volcano, it is a smoldering coal, it is bright hot fire. Anger is an emotion that most adults do not like. Some of us try to avoid it which can bottle it up inside of us, turning to resentment. Some of us explode right away, saying or … Read More

Taking Care of Alisha

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by Katee As many of you know, Alisha had knee surgery over the winter break following a volleyball injury that happened this fall.  Alisha is back at school although she is still very much healing.  She has tools to help her- a crutch (or crotch, or critch, or grinch, depending on which student you ask), she has ice packs, medicine, … Read More


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by Mage Lately I have noticed that some of the children a very interested in dresses. The children will regularly bring scarves to me and ask me to help them “make a dress,” which essentially means tying the scarf around their chests, with the knot either in front or back, or hanging loose from their necks. I thought that this … Read More