Squeezing Lemons

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By Laura The summer session came to a close on Thursday with a delightful lemonade party in The Commons. Cheryl and the preschoolers worked hard squeezing lemon after lemon to create the refreshing beverage for family and friends. It has been a pleasure to watch this summer school community learn about themselves and each other over the last six weeks. … Read More

Exploring The Greater Community

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By Cheryl I love everything about going to a city park – the swings, the open space, and the merry-go-round.   I have fond memories of going with my family to Westside Park  where there were long, sloping sidewalks for skateboarding and a large fountain featuring a bronze American Indian on a horse that was highlighted at night with rotating … Read More

Learning (to be) Together

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By Cheryl What a great week!   We continued the process of learning about togetherness and community in all aspects of our day.  Simultaneously, we are enjoying deepening relationships with the children and learn more about each one every day.  We welcomed new friends, Graham, Haddie, and Stella (returning) to our growing group.  I think our daily rhythm is evolving … Read More


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By Laura The children and teachers have begun to add to the teepee in The Commons. Through draping, tearing, cutting, clipping, knotting and weaving fabric this stick structure is transforming into a safe house during a game of chase, a place for poking heads out of windows or sending post through the mail slot. We are excited to see how … Read More

Learning from Each Other

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By Laura I wanted to highlight a couple moments from this past week that reminded me of why I love teaching in a multi-age classroom: Children communicate their ideas through a wide variety of media and representations (The ‘Hundred Languages of Children’ described by the Reggio Emilia philosophy). In the classroom we encourage children to develop and refine their ideas … Read More

The Commons

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By Laura This was our first week enjoying The Commons, our outdoor classroom. On Tuesday, before heading outside to explore and play we asked the children what we might encounter in that space. Here are some of their guesses: Jadon: A tiger! Perry: Baby chicks. Ujia: Frogs. Hewett: Police cars! Linny: Worms. Lila: Let’s go out! We might find blackberries. … Read More

Welcome to the Tulip Tree Preschool Blog!

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We as a staff are creating this blog as part of our communication with parents about community learning.  Please use this tool to check in on our daily page (to begin Sept 6, 2011), read our monthly newsletter, view project work, and discuss your child’s learning with them. YES!  You can look at this sight with your child, and use … Read More