Sauvie Island Pumpkin Patch

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    We went to Sauvie Island to get some pumpkins for the preschool, to connect with each other, and to breathe the fresh air.   Our next family outing will be on January 14th at Tryon State Park for a hike.  Please peruse the slideshow and enjoy!     [slideshow]

Keepin’ It Fresh!

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By Cheryl We are always on the look out for new games, songs, and activities to share with the children.  While repetition is so valuable for learning, mastery and self-confidence it’s also important to change things!  This week saw lots of new or recently introduced activities. Megan added a dramatic element to the song “Five Little Pumpkins” in which each … Read More

Fall Picnic At Clinton Park

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By Cheryl Today we took our first trip as a large group to Clinton Park using our new walking rope.   So many steps involved in such an endeavor. We began the walk down 52nd with great success.  The rope is slow going but the feeling of security is great.  Laura acted as our scout and helped clear the road (and … Read More

Conversations During a Fall Walk

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By Cheryl In the spirit of the beautiful Fall weather I asked if there was interest in a morning walk.  Wade, Jadon, Evan, Tycho and Willa joined me and we organized ourselves into partners and set out.  I asked the children what colors might we be on the look out for.  Evan offered “Yellow and Red!”.  Off we went! As … Read More


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By Cheryl Preparing for the parent conferences has been a wonderful opportunity to reflect deeply on each individual child.  This is staying with me as I go through the day and experience the blessings offered by this type experience… The leaf was blowing in the wind on this beautiful Fall day, seemingly by magic.  We are so  privileged to share … Read More

Arly and Boone Turn Four!

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By Laura Today we celebrated Boone and Arly’s birthday in typical Tulip Tree fashion. We learned that their parents referred to them as baby A and baby B, before they decided on the names Arly and Boone when they were born. Also, these two have been riding skateboards since they were two years old! One of the choice time centers … Read More


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By Laura Today in the studio I introduced a new painting tool: small, squishy sponge cylinders. As the children worked they talked about the paintings they were making and about what they noticed while working with the sponges. The sponges allowed for both print-making, smooth thick lines and blending colors together. After painting many of the children engaged in sponge … Read More

Gross Motor and Fine Motor

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By Laura Although we will continue to spend part of our day outside throughout the year, as the weather gets colder and wetter we begin to offer more large movement activities indoors. Today Cheryl placed our mat on the circle rug and children took turns moving, stretching, jumping and tumbling. While they wait, the children sit on the edge of … Read More


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By Laura In addition to welcoming our old friend back into the classroom, we had several other “visitors” today . . . Preschoolers love experimenting with different roles, costumes, outfits and personalities. They try out what it would be like to do different jobs, have dangerous adventures or live in the jungle. Through this play they gain confidence, new skills, … Read More

Letter Marshmallows

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By Laura Today a teacher named Tim joined us as a substitute for Cheryl. As a veteran educator he quickly jumped in introducing himself to children through play and read-alouds. Some children entered feeling apprehensive about having a new adult in the classroom, but his gentle, calm presence had won many hearts by the end of morning play time. In … Read More