Beginning to see the light

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Hello, families! こんにちは, xin chào This week the children began to study light! We have a set of flashlights, as well as a light projector, which we will periodically set up in the basement as a sort of laboratory for intentional light experiments. The basement can become quite dark and has plenty of space to cast light and shadows, as … Read More

Elm Room Update 10/23/2015

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I hope all of you have had a fantastic week! I know this week was very busy and hectic for me, so coming to work and being able to play and be silly with all of the Elm Room kids was pretty refreshing.   Once again, this week was full of dance, song and all kinds of movement. I’m seeing … Read More

A Week in the Life of a Sprout: Expectations

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Hello Parents and Families! Welcome to our actual blog! Yay! From now on this is where you will find updates about the Seeds, Sprouts, and Elms! This week the Seeds and the Sprouts did an incredible amount of exploring! We had a great time! As you all know, we played with a pumpkin earlier this week. Mage and I expected the children … Read More