“Nature can be inside, too.”

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By Shella Hello Elm families! With a wild week ahead of us, I bring to you a short and sweet blog post! This week we were lucky enough to inherit some fun tree stumps and two awesome tires for our backyard! The children were thrilled, needless to say. And so was I! New materials are always a positive, especially when … Read More

Go With The Flow

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By Bee Imagine yourself sitting in a room. You have lovingly arranged an engaging activity for your child at the table. You put time and effort into this and you know your child is going to be delighted. You let your child into the room and they breeze right on by. That’s okay…they just didn’t notice it right? You show … Read More

Light and shadows on the wall

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By Mage Picking up on our studies of light, the children have now had two opportunities to explore the light projector. I’ll share some of what I saw occur during each session. Session 1: What is this thing? The children had their first exposure to the light projector. They were curious about the mechanics: what are the parts, where does … Read More

Explore, GALORE!

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By: Shella This week we were so excited to see that our walking rope arrived for the Elm Room kids to use to take longer walks. I will admit, we have some “runners” (as I like to call them) in the Elm Room. Often time, I have found it difficult to completely let go on our little ventures around the … Read More

Community Minded

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Hello Parents and Families! Part of Tulip Tree’s mission statement is that we are a community-minded organization. With open hearts and this value at the front of our minds, we spent some very intentional time in our neighborhood this week. As you look over our experiences, I invite you to reflect on our children’s role in the community, and our … Read More

Reading adventures

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This week at Elm House we have seen an increasing interest books! The children have access to books in all of our rooms, and recently they have often been initiating group reading time. Sometimes they request teachers to read to them, and sometimes they choose to read on their own (with excited babbling and pointing). I thought I would share … Read More

Gaining Independence

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In the past weeks, the Elm Room kids have been experimenting with more independent activities. While they have enjoyed doing things all by their selves, I’ve been noticing a lot more assertiveness. They are ready to learn and enjoy the materials we have provided more and more with each day that passes. Last week, in celebration of Halloween, we had … Read More

Making Connections

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Hello Families and Parents! I have exciting news! The Seeds and Sprouts have grown more comfortable and relaxed in the past couple months and they have begun to let us know what they are interested in learning about! Mage and I have picked up on two big themes: neighborhood animals and light. Mage has shown you a glimpse of our light … Read More

Beginning to see the light

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Hello, families! こんにちは, xin chào This week the children began to study light! We have a set of flashlights, as well as a light projector, which we will periodically set up in the basement as a sort of laboratory for intentional light experiments. The basement can become quite dark and has plenty of space to cast light and shadows, as … Read More

Elm Room Update 10/23/2015

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I hope all of you have had a fantastic week! I know this week was very busy and hectic for me, so coming to work and being able to play and be silly with all of the Elm Room kids was pretty refreshing.   Once again, this week was full of dance, song and all kinds of movement. I’m seeing … Read More