A lesson in waiting.

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By Bee Part of teaching in a Reggio inspired school is setting the scene, and waiting. Instead of sitting in front of the children and giving a lesson, we are observing to see what the children are interested in. Once we have ascertained what is we grabbing at their attention, we tease at that interest to expand and develop it. … Read More


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By: I “A teacher’s practice changes most quickly and profoundly when she begins to observe children daily…this is the first and most powerful step in changing your practice” I may not always have the opportunity to strictly observe children, but I can observe the children in my care daily, if even just for a few moments here and there. As … Read More

What are you teaching my child right now?

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By Bee I get this question a lot. The answer is…complicated. In the most traditional sense, perhaps nothing. I am not sitting in front of the children giving them direct lessons about anything. They are not vessels waiting to be filled with my wisdom. Conversely, the children and I are learning side by side, every single moment we are with … Read More

The More We Eat Together…

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The Happier We’ll Be! A blog on eating meals and snacks at school by Joey Voxnaes We eat morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack daily at Elm House, as you all know.  For those who are still here at 4:30, we eat a “tiny snack” which usually consists of one rice cake per child.  But, why do we eat so … Read More

Thoughts on Being Big

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By Bee The children have been talking a lot about being big or grown up, versus being the little babies that they were a week ago. 😉 It seems like this is being echoed at home, as several of you mentioned it in your responses to my “What’s New?” email. Here are some unfiltered thoughts from the children! I hope … Read More

Who Is Joey?

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An Autobiographical Blog by Joey Kirsten Voxnaes Hi, friends!  You know me as Joey, but I go by many names  in other places.  My family calls me Tamara (which rhymes with camera), which is my given first name.  My friends call me Kirsten, which is my given middle name.  I always wished that Kirsten were my given first name, so … Read More

If you give a toddler a choice…

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By Bee If you give a mouse a cookie, he’ll want a glass of milk. Most of us know the slippery slope that follows the opening line to Laura Numeroff’s beloved books. You give a little, annnnnnnnnddd before you know it a mouse has the run of your house and is making all sorts of demands. I was curious about … Read More

About Bee

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By Bee At a recent staff meeting we discussed connection, and how we would like both you and your children to know more about who we are as people. We are incredibly grateful for all of the trust you place in us, and wondered at how difficult that must be for you when we only get to chat for a … Read More

Thank you, Parents

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By: I As a parent you have the innate need to protect your child from everything. Drop-offs can be hard for both the parent and the child. You are leaving your most prized possession with, sometimes, teachers you don’t know very well. It is even harder to do so when your child is crying, putting their arms out in hopes … Read More


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By Bee As people who spend a lot of time with toddlers, we try to be careful about turning wants into needs. One day your child requests a snack in the car. You hear that they are hungry, are pleased that they communicated that need with you, and honor that by providing a snack. Three weeks go by and if … Read More