Project Pollution

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By Kerry The past month or so, the children have been diving in deep, exploring ways our actions affect the ocean ecosystem and ultimately our planet. In this particular experiment, the children tried first hand to undo some specific ways humans have polluted the ocean. We began with a clean ocean setting. We gathered plastics you may find or use … Read More

Traces of Wildlife

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By Kerry A few weeks ago, LS yelled out to the teachers on the yard to “Come look!” Normally this exclamation occurs when a child has found a new crop of mushrooms. a snail in the garden, or lately, bird poop. We teachers were pleasantly surprised to find something much more unique to our backyard habitat: an OWL PELLET!! After … Read More


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At Elm House check ins are happening all day everyday among peers. A check in happens after an altercation, an accidental bump, etc. The children will ask their friend if they’re ok and/or would like a hug. Here we see WS throwing Benny down the slide. Benny hits the rug with a big oof! “Oh! I feel worried about Benny…” … Read More

Color changing Playdough

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-Amber When I first placed the round balls of tan playdough in front of the children they seemed hesitant. We had just had a conversation about how the dough is made for your hands to use and not for eating. WB, who had originally sat down excitedly at the table now looked at me confused with his arms upwards in … Read More

Flowers, snow, clay and cuddles

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by Alisha Most of the time we use our big school camera to take photos. All of these photos are from the past month or so on my phone, taken in quick moments when I didn’t have time to grab the school camera. So many small and sweet moments happen throughout our days at school– here are a few of … Read More