Thank you, Parents

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By: I As a parent you have the innate need to protect your child from everything. Drop-offs can be hard for both the parent and the child. You are leaving your most prized possession with, sometimes, teachers you don’t know very well. It is even harder to do so when your child is crying, putting their arms out in hopes … Read More


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By Bee As people who spend a lot of time with toddlers, we try to be careful about turning wants into needs. One day your child requests a snack in the car. You hear that they are hungry, are pleased that they communicated that need with you, and honor that by providing a snack. Three weeks go by and if … Read More

Pinky and Bun Bun’s Trust Bridge

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by Alisha Once upon a time there was  a little pig named Pinky and a little bunny named Bun Bun. On Pinky and Bun Bun’s first day of preschool they were SO nervous. Pinky got to school first and realized that there were lots of fun things to do! Pinky was a tiny bit nervous but mostly excited. Then Bun … Read More

Tea Time

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by Alisha Recently we have been learning a lot about tea. We have been learning about different herbs and plants to put in tea that help your body in different ways. We have been taste testing and charting the flavors. We are learning how to make tea with the three special ingredients- plants, hot water and time. We are learning … Read More

Today, I am grateful.

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By Bee Today, I find myself full of immense gratitude. In each quiet moment I find more and more that I am thankful for. This is a time of year that many of us spend reflecting on what we hold dear, and in that spirit I hope you will indulge me as I share some of my appreciation here. <3 … Read More

Baby Fever!

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Baby Fever! – by Joey Voxnaes It’s a really exciting time at Elm House, and the enthusiasm is infectious in the best of ways — a new, young cherub of a child has joined our ranks, and he is just beginning to learn how to walk.  WS wonderfully graces us with his presence 3 days a week and inspires us … Read More

Quiet Leaders

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By Bee Working with children has truly taught me that there are ALL types of people in this world, and that many of us experience different phases of being. While reflecting at a recent staff meeting we talked about our tendency to capture the thoughts and actions of what I will refer to as loud leaders for the purpose of … Read More

Wise Julia’s Magic Plants

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by Alisha As you might have noticed, we haven’t been updating the blog very much lately. We have been very busy preparing for conferences but we will be back to blogging after this week! While we haven’t been blogging much, we have still had just as much going on in the classroom each and every day so I wanted to … Read More