Leaves and Costumes!

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by Alisha It’s Halloween! Many children dressed up in costumes from home or school. We had a spooky Halloween dance party where we recreated the time the power went out, drew pictures of our costumes and greeted each child by costume in a song at circle time. But mostly we have been playing in the leaves outside! This week we … Read More

The bikes are broken!

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By Amber On Wednesday afternoon, DB ran outside, put on a helmet, picked a two wheel bike and began racing around the patio. Just a minute later he froze and said. “This bike is broken! Oh no!” FC who was biking by stopped and said “Oh no! My wheels are broken!” They both squatted down next to the bicycles and … Read More

Pumpkin fun continued

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By Megan Over the past couple of weeks, our exploration of pumpkins has continued. We started out a few weeks back with pumpkin washing, which was a big hit. Last week we opened a pumpkin to see what was inside. The children took guesses about what was inside.  One child guessed there were spiders inside, another child guessed there were … Read More

Fall Celebration

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by Katee It was another sunny beautiful fall day here to end a gorgeous school week.  Our fall celebration was full of laughter, cookies, art projects, but mostly running around in the sunshine!  Here are some photos from the day: Happy Autumn Everyone! -Love: Tulip Tree  

Connecting Through Music

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By Laurie When our school year kicked off, it was clear that language was going to be an opportunity to explore difference, family culture, and our shared experiences with this group of toddlers, families and teachers. Our group of Spanish, French and Chinese speaking teachers and children as well as our kiddos who aren’t yet speaking (and everywhere in-between!) means … Read More

Bread Baking

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By Nora The children have been spending a lot of time helping in the kitchen lately. For one, we have two bake sales this week and have whipped up apple squash muffins, blueberry muffins, pumpkin bread, banana bread, and black bean brownies. The magic of mixing ingredients together, watching it change form in the oven, and then experiencing it with … Read More

Parent Meeting- Consent Work with Children

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by Alisha Last week we had a parent meeting. The purpose of our parent meetings is to give parents an idea of how we develop curriculum throughout the school year. It is also a time for parents to work with teachers in discovering new directions to take our curriculum. Both teaching teams (Amber & Nora, Katee & I) brought project … Read More

Piggy Buckets

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By Amber Last week a few of our TT friends helped me make signs for a new project we are calling the Piggy Bucket.  What do pigs eat? The children looked at a picture of a piglet and guessed grass and plants. Pigs will eat almost anything. They use their noses to dig around in the earth to eat all … Read More

Stories to Tell by Flashlight

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by Katee This afternoon we had a power outage.  Luckily the pizza had already come out of the oven, and luckily we had flashlights and ceiling hooks, and luckily the kids really wanted to have a flashlight dance party anyways! We also took this opportunity to tell some spooky stories.  I had already introduced some of the children to a … Read More

Bake Sale

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By Nora The past two weeks we have been spending some time getting ready for our bake sale next week. Bake sales, which seem like simple concepts to adults, take a lot of unpacking for children to grasp! Through our preparation for the bake sale next week we have learned a lot of new words: hurricane, customer, Puerto Rico, island…and new concepts: … Read More