Supporting Rough Play

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by Katee It is a topic that we address each year, and each year is so important to address. Rough play, horseplay, roughhousing – it’s something all little animals do as a part of their development and human children are no exception.  Children learn physical skills from this play including controlling muscle movements, they learn social and emotional skills including … Read More

The grace of a grasshopper

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By Nora “There is a lushness to how the mind works” -Bell Hooks This week I witnessed a lengthy conversation between four children in front of the elephant wall. They had found a small grasshopper and wanted to witness it moving. The grasshopper was very still, and all of the children at some point questioned its aliveness. The conversation, which … Read More

Attachment & Stopping by to say hello

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by Megan In August we said goodbye to many friends who had been with us here at Elm House for one or two years. Many of these children moved up to our preschool classrooms, so we knew it wasn’t a “forever” goodbye with them, but when would we see them again we wondered? Our goodbye circle for children moving on … Read More

Music time!

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by Alisha Singing is such a huge part of our days in the classroom. We have our greeting songs, our blessing song, our song to be excused to wash hands, our song for when the fruit comes and countless other songs that help our day flow. Maybe most helpful to us are the little songs we sing during transition times. … Read More

Tortuga Marina visits

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By Amber Tulip Tree has a tradition started in 2012 when our teacher Laura came back from Mexico with a friend. Her name is Tortuga Marina (Sea Turtle in Spanish). Each week Tortuga goes home with a child and sees their house, goes on adventures and meets their families! Tortuga comes with a special book with the history of many … Read More

Meeting of the Elders

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by Katee Yesterday I called a meeting of some of our eldest children of the school.  Many of our eldest children are younger siblings, or only children of a family and this role has seemed especially strange to some. It can be hard to keep patience with incoming friends that don’t know the ins and outs of our classroom and … Read More

Mentors past and present

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by Mage This week we’ve had a few of the nest cohort out, and so some of the older children have been visiting in the morning. Today as I observed CG helping HB with his shoes in the cubby room, I was reminded of children in the previous year who had taken on mentoring roles. I wrote a blog about this … Read More

The science of splash

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By Nora When I announced that there would be a science choice on the choice board yesterday afternoon, I had about 10 children jumping out of their skin excited to be a part of whatever “science” was. At this point I hadn’t said anything about what sort of science experiment we would we be partaking in, but the word “science” … Read More

Late Start Staff Meeting

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by Katee We held our first all-staff meeting this morning. Having a late start to our Wednesdays allows for our two-campus school to get together in one place at one time to discuss larger themes, lenses, and focuses of our entire school.  This meeting was focused on gender and how to approach this topic in early childhood.  The gender spectrum … Read More