Sunny Days in a Shady Place

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These past couple of weeks we have been enjoying the summer-like weather in the shade of our Tulip, Oak, Chestnut and Apple trees. Thank you trees for giving us a cool place to explore and play! We love you!  

When we work together

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By Megan Earlier this month we hosted our bi-annual garden work party. We were so happy that so many of our families showed up to help us with some much needed clean up after such a harsh winter! We want to say thank you to everyone who contributed their time, who brought food for sharing and for all of your … Read More

Field Trip #2!

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Yesterday we went on our second field trip of the year! We traveled all the way downtown to Helen Gordon Child Development Center at Portland State. We visited the Remida Center, home to thousands of loose parts and tiny pieces. We also visited the food forest, home to lots of edible plants (and even some waffles and pancakes made out … Read More

Pronoun check

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by Mage As the children at Elm House are getting older, many of the older  2 year-olds and younger three year-olds are talking and learning about gender. At Elm House, this most often comes up in the form of talking about color preference in a stereotypical way (“I want blue because I’m a boy”), or the children asking each other … Read More

Is it summer yet?

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by Katee Played outside all morning today! The children played games, splashed in the water table, built in the sandbox, hung out in the hammock, rode bikes, visited with the rabbits, and drew many many tattoos on each other.  After reading the book, “Mama Is It Summer Yet?”, the children were pretty convinced that that’s where were at today. today

The numbers are in…

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by Katee Our community fundraising has been a huge success!  Today in circle we held hands and thanked each other for all of our hard work.  Every student had a hand in baking, sign making, flyer making, song writing and singing, being a salesperson, inviting family and friends, and helping to count our donations.  All of our hard work together … Read More

Taking Turns and Trading

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By Lainy Conflict is an inevitable part of every child’s day. We have played with introducing and taking away different materials in the back yard to see the different ways that children approach their play. Back in the fall, we decided to remove all trucks because the children were so emotionally attached that violence ensued nearly daily. Conflict lessened but … Read More

“I love my nose!”

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by Alisha This week we are completing our second drawing self portrait and our final self portrait for the school year. For our graduates, it will be their final self portrait at Tulip Tree. It has been amazing to see how fine motor skills, focus and self awareness have developed throughout the year and over two or three years. Here are the self … Read More

The Worms Return

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By Megan   “It may be doubted whether there are many other animals which have played so important a part in the history of the world, as have these lowly organized creatures.”  -Charles Darwin on worms, 1881 The children’s fascination with worms persists through the changing of the seasons and over time. One of the first memories I have of … Read More

Play in the clay

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by Katee Today we invited the children to explore with clay, straws, and beads.  When working with loose parts, a facilitator sometimes has what I call a “lower case plan”. You might have a small vision for how parts could work together, but are unattached from the results or products.  You want to give the children parts that can be … Read More