My Very Own Color

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by Alisha We have been working on our collage self portraits for a few months now. Not only is this a project about identity and skin color, but also a test of focus and patience. Some children spent two appointments creating just the right skin color for them, while other children spent a few days cutting out each small piece … Read More

“I’m really sewing!”

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Self portraits have been hanging on the walls for weeks, but these projects sat on the shelf temporarily to make room for all of the other whirlwinds of January and February.  Last week we were able to get the supplies back out and continue this study.  If your child hasn’t made one yet- they are on our list!  Here are … Read More

Naming the fish…And a note about voting

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by Megan Over this past weekend Sarah Lu and her family got us a fish for Elm House. The brilliantly blue colored Betta fish is living in a bowl in the Elm Room, sparking many questions and observations from the children. A quick  internet search about these fish explains their fascinating history and behaviors (did you know that Betta are … Read More

There is value in wrestling

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By Amber The last couple weeks I have spent my time split between Elm house and Tulip Tree. Although many things are different between the two houses, there are also a lot of common themes. Two of the topics I have been giving a lot of thought are respect and consent. I have a specific focus on these ideas because … Read More

Once Upon a Time…

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By Katee We took a hiatus from storytelling, but we are back in full swing today!  The children tell a story to a teacher while the teacher dictates, and then when we go inside we gather in audience seating and call upon our friends to act out the stories with us.  Some children love this opportunity to express all different … Read More

February Birthdays!

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by Alisha This February we have celebrated two birthdays and one half birthday! First was AS, who turned 5 years old! What cute baby photos AS had, she looks the exact same! AS chose to dance to “Freight train, freight train” for the birthday dance. We love you so much AS, thank you for your interesting perspective, kindness and silliness! Happy birthday! Next was … Read More

Agreements and what we learn in school

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by Mage Sometimes as a teacher of toddlers, people will ask me what the children I teach learn in school. There is perhaps a cultural idea that many people have about what schools offer, and what learning and education entail. While I see the primary task of toddlerhood as being (to sum it up) connection, attachment, and social-emotional learning skills. … Read More

Happy Love Day!

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by Alisha What does Valentine’s Day mean to you? “Valentines day is a day I love to make cards for the people I love.” -BS “I love to… there’s a calendar that my parents made that says  ‘I love you’.” -CL “My mommy is going to pick me up and we are going to go to our friends house and … Read More

The hearty garden

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by Megan Last fall the children and their families helped prepare new garden beds to give us some more space for backyard gardening. With the help of Nora, a teacher from Tulip Tree, the children planted Broccoli, Kale and Garlic. After many harsh winter months we went to check on how our garden was doing. After going on a investigative … Read More