Excited About Art

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By Megan After a couple of months of our studio space being transformed into a play kitchen which was so much fun, by the way, it has once again been transformed into an area dedicated to art of many kinds. The shelves are filled with materials, tools and loose parts that all promote creation, exploration and fun. Coming back from … Read More

What Does “Fair” Mean?

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by Alisha This morning at circle we had a conversation about fairness… Alisha: What does “fair” mean? KM: Like if you have two turns, then I have two turns. Alisha: You are saying that it’s equal. We have the same amount of turns.. And that’s fair? KM: Yeah, because if I do one and you do two, its not fair! CW: … Read More

The Magic Words

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by Mage “How do you do it?” parents often ask me and my fellow teachers. “You need to teach me the magic words, so I can do it, too.” The “it” being referred to would appear to be, to put it plainly, getting a toddler to listen and comply with directions. Ah, one of the great mysteries of life.

Story Workshop

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by Alisha Today all of the children stayed inside for explore time.  We held a story workshop. During story workshops, we have many stations set up with materials. Children explore and play until they find a story within the materials. Children tell a teacher, “I found a story!” and a teacher records it for them.  Today we had the choice … Read More