Sewing the Self

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By Katee We have taken our sewing to new exciting heights in the past couple weeks with self-portrait projects! The children have been busy reflecting on themselves and looking at their reflections with two simultaneous self-portrait projects happening at our school.  Our sewing project allows the children to try to match their skin color to felt, their hair to yarn … Read More

A Robot of Our Own

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By Nora One of the aspects of teaching at Tulip Tree that I appreciate the most is following the children’s lead to develop further curriculum. One day during lunch after returning from winter break, SH asked me how our micro greens were doing. SH was remembering that we had planted these greens before winter break, and checked on them often, but … Read More

Playing together

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by Mage Since returning to Elm House this January, after the break (and many starts and stops), so many of the toddlers have aged and matured in leaps and bounds! Every day, we teachers talk often about how “grown up” so many of the children seem these days. On that subject, one question which many families often ask is, “It … Read More

And We Sing in Harmony

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By Katee AS said that “We all sing with the same voice if we keep up with each other” KM said, “I think this song is about being friends.” This morning I had a few children ask me if I went to the Women’s March this weekend.  In the past, I have tried to keep my political views generally out … Read More

Bee Says Goodbye

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By Bee Dearest Families, For once, my words elude me. I am full of feelings and sentiments that I do not know how to express. Let me first say that I love all of your children dearly. Thank you for sharing them with me, and allowing me to be a part of their life. It has been such a gift. 

Sewing and Growing

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By Katee After an overwhelming spark of interest in sewing before our break, we have been storming with ideas to bring more of this practice into the classroom.  Of course the children are excited to sew- it is a practical life skill that feels useful and empowering.  Especially at this green age when it often feels to them that they … Read More

What Do We Know About Babies?

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by Alisha This morning there was a lot of excitement about our new baby dolls and baby supplies that arrived while we were gone.  I asked everyone at circle, “What do we know about babies?” Here is a list of things the children came up with- “Babies have a timer to check if the bath is too hot or too … Read More

Welcome Back!!

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by Mage Just a short post to say welcome back to school, everyone! What a strange month it has been full of surprises and challenges. We are so glad to be together again!