Because I want to.

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By Bee Hello families! I hope all of you are well. Today I want to share a very simple sentiment that my friends reminded me of. We were out on a walk in the strollers, pointing out anything and everything that caught our eye. Suddenly, Luca began to cry. “Luca, I hear you crying. Are you okay?” I inquired. The … Read More

“Wait, wait! We don’t have any carrots!”

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Last week everyone was excited about the arrival of frost and ice around the neighborhood. Themes of winter, ice and snow have been showing up in the children’s dramatic play. Hearing all this excitement made me want to try making a new batch of googak. (Googak is a special mixture of glue, borax and water) The goal was to make … Read More

Bunches and Bunches of Frost

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by Alisha Snow and frost have been at the forefront of our minds this week. So how amazing to wake up to a frosty world. I asked the children, “Did you notice anything different outside this morning? Alisha: Did anyone notice anything outside this morning when you woke up? KP: I goed outside and there was frost on the deck … Read More

What’s Under the Stumps?

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by Alisha The stump circle in our Commons is such an important part of our school. Under the Tulip Tree, in our stump circle we gather, celebrate, eat, act, sing and play. Many children like to walk on top of the stumps. We often perform in “bands” during explore time using sticks and stumps as instruments. Today the children were … Read More

Keeping the Magic

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By Katee Today Alisha told a story of magic and happiness at circle time. It’s a story that’s been told many times in many ways of a snow child.  In this version, two women who had always wanted a baby of their own were getting old and decided to build a child out of snow. The dressed it up and … Read More

Plenty of clay, plenty of time.

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by Mage This week on Tuesday we began working with modelling clay in the Seed room. We have a ton of clay, and plenty of time, so I expect that we will be visiting the clay at least once per week, and rotating children in small groups initially. Clay. Sticky, gray, cold, wet. A strange and unfamiliar material for some … Read More

“But how does it make the shape?”

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by Alisha Since Thanksgiving break, snow has been a topic of interest for a lot of children. On Monday at circle part of our conversation went like this- VG: I saw lots and lots of snow on Mountain Hood. and I’ve been there one time.     Katee: Raise your hand if you have ever made a snowball Lots of … Read More

How are you feeling today?

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  By Megan These past few weeks at Elm House we have been focusing on feelings. With our anxiety leading into election day,  the anticipation of the results, and the big feelings that us teachers all have felt since Donald Trump was elected-there’s emotionally just a lot going on. It’s nearly impossible to be anything but authentic with the children, as … Read More