Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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By Nora “What did you put in your soup? I asked NC as he held up a piece of styrofoam filled with bottle caps, rubber bands, twist ties, and jar lids. “Everything I could find!” he replied excitedly. He held it right out to me, proud of his entirely unique creation. Though it was clear to me what was in … Read More

Tales of the Light

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By Bee “Move your bodies back, please, so there is room for the projector. We need to make space. Can you scoot back?” The children shift their weight from one foot to another with excitement as Mage places the projector on the floor. The children immediately crowd around the projector on their knees. I hear some indignant sounds and see … Read More

Autumn Treasures

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By Katee Fall has fully settled in now and talk of wintry things are already buzzing about the preschool.  As we return from our long weekend, a few people even mentioned seeing snow over the past couple days.  Many children connected with being excited about thinking of snowy play. We played in a snowy scene on the tables and read … Read More

“There people in the walls!”

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by Mage Yesterday a group of us were in the basement playing with the light projector. Some of the children were interacting with the shadows cast on the wall by the projector. Hannah went up to the wall, and touched her shadow. She said, “There people in the wall.” Sarah Lu asked, “Hannah, are you talking about your shadow?” Hannah … Read More

Some Love for You

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by Alisha “If you only have one smile in you, give it to the people you love.” -Maya Angelou I thought we might benefit from these very cute photos of children giving us their love today…

“Draw a heart for them.”

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by Alisha Today is a very difficult day. Last night’s election has us teachers feeling very upset. It has also reminded us how important our work is as early childhood educators. Drop off was filled with longer-than-usual hugs between parents and children, knowing looks, and tears. As the morning went on, there was LOTS of snuggles, hand holding and love. Many children noticed … Read More

Create Culture *

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By Bee This blog was originally posted at the end of spring. With conferences quickly approaching, and the political climate of our nation shifting, I have chosen to share it again this week. Creating culture and uniting in love with those around us is no longer merely an option; it is a necessity. As always, your comments, reflections, and wonderings are … Read More

“I don’t like to touch them, like fungus among us”

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By Amber The children’s interest has led us even deeper into exploring mushrooms and fungus. Last week we received a mushroom farm and we held a small circle time to learn about our new addition to the classroom. We first began seeing mushrooms grow after 4 days. This was Friday. Here they are after the weekend on Monday morning! Here they … Read More

Tiny Chair Concerts

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By Katee We would like to bring music to our classroom that presents a diversity of people, places, instruments, and sounds.  This week, inspired by NPR’s ‘Tiny Desk Concerts’, we are setting up ‘Tiny Chair Concerts’, where we display videos on a tiny chair with audience seating around it. So far we listened and watched Lianne La Havas, Adele, and … Read More