In-service Day

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by Katee Last Friday we finished the week with an In-service Day.  Children are not at school, but teachers come in for a day of much-needed work. So what exactly might teachers do on a special day like this? Teachers have the opportunity to meet together to plan upcoming events (such as our parent/staff meeting, our book club, and a … Read More

Hands Can

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By Megan Over the past few weeks of planting the winter garden with the Elm Room children, we have talked a lot about being gentle. We needed to be gentle with the roots of the Broccoli starts, we needed to gently tuck in the spinach seeds to the soil and we have practiced using our hands to gently touch the … Read More

We Wish You Well

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By Nora “Many things are not alive. A stone is not alive. Your tricycle, a book, the swing set, a doll–none of these is alive. Do you know how to tell if something is living or not?” I read these words from “What’s Alive” by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld to the afternoon children at the beginning of garden circle this week. As … Read More

I see me!

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By Alisha The past week and half we have been working on creating our self portraits. Each child will have done this by the end of this week. Next week you will be able to see them all together in our classroom! Here are some of them-

“It’s making rainbows”

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By Katee Playing with light, color, shadows, and colored shadows lately brought us teachers to find this fun experiment.  The children explored standing in front of the different lights, placing other objects in front of the lights, and moving closer, further and in every direction. Find instructions and amazing explanations of how this works on the Exploratorium website. Through this … Read More