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By Nora If there’s one big takeaway from my first couple months with the children it’s probably the importance of spontaneous teaching and learning. Often these two are happening simultaneously. Even if I enter a garden circle with one idea of what I plan to teach, we often come out the other end talking about something I never anticipated (for instance, … Read More

Blessing Song

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By Megan One new ritual we have started with the Elm children this school year is singing a blessing song. We start all meal times with this sweet song. It’s a way to say we are thankful for our food as well as a fun and effective way to transition the toddlers into meal times. Eating is such a joy … Read More

Our edible backyard

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by Mage Lots to tell you today! Our garden coordinator, Nora, came over from the preschool to talk to us about garlic and help us plant some in our garden. She talked with the Elms and Sprouts during circle time, and the children were all given the opportunity to touch and taste the garlic for themselves. After circle time, the … Read More

I see the moon

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By Katee We often record conversations and ideas that the children have for our own documentation.  We recently made them more aware of this process by asking them if we could record some of our singing during circle time.  The children wanted to record this sweet song and listen to it over and over. Enjoy!    

Gnomes? Fairies? Baby Princesses?

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By Amber The changing of the seasons have brought on a whole landscape of difference all around us. The children have been soaking all of these changes in and making a lot of interesting observations. Some of them have been led by teachers, others are spontaneous! Some of them have been tiny things in our commons, like this little yellow fungus found … Read More


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by Mage In the Seed’s room, we have lately been bringing in one or two of the older children each morning to hang out with the Seeds and act as role models. This choice was made, in part, to prepare both the more experienced children and the newer children for eventually sharing space together full time. The idea is to … Read More

Rain, Rain, Here to Play

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by Katee Rainy days are here again!  At Tulip Tree school, we feel its important to go outside – rain or shine- and explore the Earth with all it’s elements. Today we put on our boots, snapped our coats, and ran and splashed in the rain.  It’s (almost) always fine weather if you’re dressed appropriately. With that being said, I … Read More


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By Bee “Hey, hey, hey Megan? I can hug you?” “Aw, Luca!!! Yes!!! You can! Thank you so much for asking me!” “Yeah! For your consent.” I observed this conversation about an hour ago. In real life, you guys!!! A two year old child wanted to touch a person, and before he did so he asked, and waited, for verbal … Read More

“The leaves are yellow by now…”

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by Alisha A few weeks ago at lunch time NCC turned to me and said, “The leaves are turning  yellow by now…” I said, “Ooo, yes, fall is here!” but I was thinking, “Surely the leaves are not yellow yet?…” But sure enough as I drove home that day, I saw many yellow leaves in all the trees.  How could I … Read More