Halloween and Samhain

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By Katee Many children came to school today robed in garments resembling favorite animals and characters.  We also brought out extra dress-up clothes for anyone to use to celebrate with. There has been much talk of parties, trick-or-treating, buckets filled with candy, goblins, candy fairies and long awaited costumes. We talked about the holiday of Halloween and also discussed where … Read More

Fall Celebration!

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By Katee We wrapped up the week (and the month) with a wonderful Fall Celebration today.  We welcomed everyone as we sang a few of our favorite fall songs and then explored with our families. Adults who were able to attend got to be a preschooler for an hour and get their hands into the things we’ve been working with … Read More

“We saw seeds.”

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by Mage This week we have been talking about pumpkins, making predictions about what will be inside, and then opening them up and inspecting them. Today we opened a second pumpkin in our backyard.   Mage: Do you remember when we opened the first pumpkin? What did we find inside that pumpkin? Isaac: We saw seeds. Mage: And what do … Read More

Mushrooms in the commons

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By Amber Since my last blog about our fungus discovery in the commons, the children’s interest in mushrooms and fungus has exploded. Previously, I talked about the importance of imagination and remembering that sometimes its okay to leave questions unanswered. One of my favorite things about using emergent curriculum is that the children become truly engaged in their learning. They … Read More


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by Alisha I have very fond memories of making potions as a child. I would pick wildflowers and roses, crush them up, add a bit of hose water and beg my mom for her old perfume bottles. My best friend and I carefully bottled it up. It smelled like roses, with a hint of my mom’s perfume. We thought we … Read More

October Birthdays

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by Alisha Today we celebrated our second and last birthday for the month of October. KM’s parents, Peter and Melissa, joined us for the celebration. KM arrived at Tulip Tree when she was just two years old. We have now spent 3 birthdays with her! KM’s parents told us that she was born in the middle of the night at … Read More

The Altar of Visibility

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By Bee You may have noticed that we now have a small altar set up in the Elm Room. This space is called The Altar of Visibility. Each month we will choose a marginalized group of people and dedicate our altar to them. This is part of our anti-bias work with the children. Currently there are no rituals tied to … Read More

Our New Instagram

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By Katee We take so many photos here at school.  Some photos you might find on the blog, some on our classroom walls, in our special handmade books, or even in your child’s web album as it develops.  I find that even after all this I still want to share more photos with you!  So, I’m happy to introduce our … Read More

Who Were the Witches?

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By Katee I’ve introduced the children to a song over the past couple weeks about witches.  It is not a scary song, and no one has green skin or warts, traveling about on a broom.  The song is called, “The Witch Song” by Bonnie Lockheart, and it is a song about historical witches. Here is a clip of the children … Read More

All the Colors We Are

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by Alisha This week we introduced Nick, one of our persona dolls, to the children. For more information about Nick, you can read this blog that Laura wrote about Nick and the importance of persona dolls in our classroom. The children had lots of questions for Nick. One child asked,”Does Nick have a water bottle?” And another asked, “Why is he wearing overalls?” Many questions … Read More