Black is Beautiful

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By Katee All of this talk around here about light and shadow, has brought up a lot of thinking about darkness and the color black along with it.  We noticed that many songs, stories, and imagery about light focus on the light shining through the darkness.  But where would we be without the darkness? When talking about the concept of … Read More

Lights, camera, action

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by Mage Hey families, Bit of a long post for you today. If your children were here last year, you probably know about the light studies that we worked on with the children, especially with the overhead projector and flashlights. You may also know about the full body painting, which many of the children participated in. This year I’ve been … Read More

Caring for Gus and Lucy

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By Amber Some of you may be familiar with our pet bunnies, Gus and Lucy. Since last year, I have been working with the children to learn how to care for the rabbits. They are so eager to help and interact in any way that they can, so I’ve started a rotation of children who are my bunny helpers for the … Read More

“My eyes are shaped like almonds.”

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by Alisha This morning we began working on drawing self portraits with black ink on white paper. This is a project that each child will do twice a year. Each child seemed to take on this project with joy and concentration. I wonder if our work with light, shadow and reflection will influence self portraits this year?

Garden Party

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By Bee This week during my planning time I have been working on creating some new hair clips for the children as we re-enter our pony play. In lieu of a more reflective piece, here are some raw observations from our garden party! I hope you enjoy them. It was so heartwarming to watch all the members of our community … Read More

Taking Care of our Environment

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by Alisha Yesterday we talked about taking care of our environment. This includes the environment of our classroom, commons and world.  We mostly talked about ways to take care of our inside and outside classroom environment. Here are some things the children came up with, acted out, took photos of and drew pictures of-

Reflecting on Shadow and Reflections

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By Katee In talking about light and shadow these past weeks, the children have brought up a lot of sources where light, darkness, and shadow can be found.  We have played a lot with artificial light in the classroom – through our light projector, with our light table, with an ocean light projector, and a little Lite Brite. The children … Read More

What would you name a worm?

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by Mage Hey everyone, I hope the beginning of Fall finds you all feeling healthy and content in body and mind. It’s time to wear your coats and rainboots outside and also to make plans for cozy indoor activities. With the return of wet weather, the children of course have been showing extra interest in worms, bugs and creepy crawlies. … Read More

See, Think, Wonder

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By Katee This week we looked at a photo and asked three questions:   What do you see?   What do you think ? What does it make you wonder?   I learned about this thinking routine through Harvard’s Project Zero, that works to promote visible thinking in the classroom.  This exercise helps children develop a framework for their thoughts … Read More

Winter Gardens

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  By Megan This week Nora, a teacher from Tulip Tree Preschool, came to Elm House to help us talk with the children about gardens. The children were invited to think about what kinds of foods might grow in a garden, to make the shape of that food with their bodies, and got to taste Rosemary and Chives.