“So beautiful, it makes my heart sing.”

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by Alisha Yesterday we had our last field trip of the Exploring the City camp. We went to the Portland Art Museum. We had so many chaperones for this field trip that each adult was with only one or two children! My  art museum buddy was VH, so most of my photos are of her.  VH, 3 years old,  seemed to … Read More

A Tradition of Body Painting

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by Mage Recently, the Elm House staff was dreaming up our plans for the future layout of EH. We talked about the studio, and how we might move it to a different location, and this opened up the topic of painting. Sarah Lu mentioned that she was so enchanted by the full-body painting that the younger children took part in … Read More

Tallest Turns 5!

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This morning we headed to Mount Tabor Park to play, explore and celebrate AW 5th Birthday! Megan, AW’s mom joined us for the whole morning. We rode the bus and then had a long and beautiful walk to the playground.       We played and played on the playground until it was time for AW’s birthday. All of these … Read More

Create Culture

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By Bee A couple of weeks ago I was standing in the sun in the backyard when I heard Emil cry out, “A pea! A pea! I found a pea, Bee!” At this point our peas had begun to thin, and finding a pea was an occasion worth celebrating. Emil rushed over to show me his harvest. “Wow,” I exclaimed, … Read More

Splash Pads and Bikes

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Phew…We did it! Three field trips in three days! We have had so much fun this week exploring the city. Yesterday we rode the bus to Essex Park where we played in water. We were also able to do some crafts that Portland Parks and Rec had set up! This morning we rode the bus to a bike shop and the bus was so … Read More

Cooking and Gardening Camp

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by Becky These past two weeks we’ve been exploring various tastes, textures, aromas and cooking techniques in our cooking and gardening camp. We started off the week by making stir-fried green beans. There was a lot of inspiration from the previous week’s music camp, and several kids spontaneously came up with songs about green beans.  

Sounds far and near

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by Mage As we begin (or continue) this journey of getting to know your children, they have shown us a fascination with sounds. This was particularly obvious with Nina, who will stop whatever she is doing and point up when she hears an airplane or a bird. So this morning as I thought about what the Seeds might want to … Read More

The Little Things

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By Bee There has been a LOT of transition over here at Elm House lately! We have added new Seeds and a Sprout, and the Sprouts and Elms are together for most of the day. Megan is out for a couple weeks, and we have had a number of subs helping us fill in the gaps. As we take time … Read More