Bunny Cookies

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By Amber Part of our focus in the afternoons has been taking care and working with Lucy, our class rabbit. She tends to be pretty shy and the children and I have been spending extra time sitting with her and getting her more used to being handled. We talked a lot about things rabbits like and dislike. What is okay for … Read More


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By Bee Yesterday, Ceci had a bit of a snafu with a table and injured her toe. I came back from my break just in time to see Lainy applying an ice pack. Ceci was understandably upset and was telling her friends (who were gathering close to watch Lainy’s ministrations) that she wanted a lot of space around her body. After … Read More

Luna’s Visit

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by Alisha One Thursday a Polyphemus moth named Luna hatched out of a cocoon that we have had in our classroom  for eight months. On Thursday afternoon we put her terrarium outside and by Friday afternoon she had flown away. We talked about how she would find a mate and then lay eggs. We imagined where she might be flying and wished her well on … Read More

That plant is a baby?

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by Mage The nasturtium seeds have sprouted, and all of the toddlers are becoming very curious about our new plants! Recently, I have seen the children wanting to interact with the plants, as they bring toys over to the planter box, and reach down into the wire to touch the plants with their fingers. The other day, I saw Emil … Read More

I want to use that.

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By Bee Yesterday afternoon I was sitting outside with my Elm Room friends. Emil and Ceci were working next to one another in the sandbox. Emil was filling the back of a dump truck with sand. The following conversation ensued: Ceci: I want to use that. Bee: It looks like Emil is using that. Ceci: Emil. Emil! Can I wait? … Read More

Bigger and Bigger…

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By Alisha Our plan was to build a bridge with modeling clay and different types of wooden craft sticks.  We explored the materials for a long time and while there was some bridge making on a smaller scale, the children decided they wanted to make a larger model than the little sticks allowed. We needed bigger unit blocks, so that … Read More