“The baby has a nose. You do too!”

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by Mage This morning we were surprised with a new set of anatomically correct baby dolls! Mada (Lainy’s daughter) brought them down to the basement for us, and the children were so delighted! Bee showed the children how to change the diapers. Henry wanted to play with a baby and Mada. Mada: The baby has a nose. You do too! [Touches … Read More

Heart Turns Five!

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by Alisha This morning we were joined by Amy and Chris to celebrate the 5th birthday of their son, LDB! We got to meet Puppy Kitty, LDB’s best stuffy since he was a baby. He said, ” I like to cuddle with him, be with him and sleep with him.” LBD told us a little about his birth. He told us that … Read More


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by Mage A few months ago I laminated some close-up images of the childrens’ eyes. Not much came up that at first, since I had displayed them in such a way that encouraged flinging them in the air more than examining the images. I put them away in the closet for later, but I had missed a couple and they … Read More


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By Bee What is empathetic emotional support like amongst one year old children? It’s a hand (or two) to hold, when you’re away from home and missing your family. <3

Emergent Literacy Skills in the Elm Room

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by Monica Elm Room children are interested in and ready to explore aspects of literacy! Some of the ways young children prepare for reading and writing are by building their verbal language skills by talking with adults, listening to stories, and singing songs–the kids have been engaged in this work their whole lives 🙂 In the Elm Room we have … Read More

Blue Ninjago Turns 4

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by Alisha This morning we celebrated SD’s birthday, which was exactly 4 years ago today, almost down to the exact time of our celebration! We were joined by his dad, Jason. SD brought his bear stuffy to share with us. He said, “He’s my stuffy bear that I sleep with at night and cuddle. I call him bouncy ball!” Jason told us … Read More