Nice to see you, friend.

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By Bee As I continue my reflections on love and friendships between toddlers, I find myself constantly blown away by the depth and complexity of their relationships. I wanted to share with you these photos of Hannah and Luca’s reunion after two weeks apart from one another. All of these interactions were self initiated by the children. When I look … Read More

Story Play

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by Alisha The children had a choice to tell a story to be recorded in the story notebook and to act out each story. Today the stories were full of adventure and the acting was big and dramatic. Once upon a time there was a Steve and a creeper and Alex and they went to the under portal and fighted the under dragon … Read More

Bing Bong Birthday!

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by Alisha This morning we were joined by Kellee, Seth and baby Zachary for KP’s birthday celebration.  When KP started school at Tulip Tree, she was one of the tiniest young ones. She stole our hearts right away! It’s hard to believe she turned 4 today! I asked KP if she remembered anything about her birth and she said, “When … Read More

Stop. Observe. Reflect. Bask.

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By Bee I made a note on February 9th that reads, “Luca fell on climber. Bee signs, ‘Are you okay?’ Luca verbally responds, ‘Ok!’ and smiles.” I remember the moment I jotted that note down vividly; this simple exchange was a huge step in self regulation for Luca, who up until this point, was likely to become very upset by stumbling. … Read More

“And it was a beautiful butterfly!!!”

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By Shella We have been talking about Spring and weather changes here and there in the Elm Room. The kids are extremely interested in the beautiful flowers blooming all over the front and backyard, including the Magnolia tree. Daylight savings also happened, and this morning when I mentioned that it would be lighter, later, the kids were interested. I explained, … Read More

“Can you hold the light?”

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by Mage This wednesday at Elm House we were fortunate to have Kate visit us with a special star light projector from home. After our afternoon snack, the Seeds and Sprouts went down to the basement, where Kate set up the projector. Our basement ceiling was lit up with beautiful celestial blue clouds, and undulating green stars. When the projector … Read More