Rescue Animals VS. Aliens

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by Alisha This morning I had a play appointment with a group of kids who LOVE dramatic play inside our classroom.  We get a lot of free play time throughout the day but normally during explore time we are doing something more focused or we are outside. It was really fun to be able to observe and record this group’s dramatic play without … Read More

Come to our Gramberry party!

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By: Shella In the past, I have talked about the wild imaginations of the children in the Elm Room. These children are great at their wonderful make-believe play. We have seen them pretend to be many things: babies, Mommy’s, Daddy’s, Princess’ etc. The kids in the Elm Room tell me sometimes that they are suddenly “on a train” or “going … Read More

A Lesson in Mars Mud

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By Amber A couple weeks ago the children and I took an afternoon walk to Clinton Park. Some of you may remember this day because it was marked with very muddy children. There is something so incredibly irresistible about mud. On this day we came across these large pools of the stickiest, muckiest mud we had ever seen. The children began … Read More

My Sooo Cool Face

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by Alisha A poem written by children as they worked on clay self portraits- My Sooo Cool Face My face is circle. I’m making my eyeballs Round Kind of oval A super good ball and eyebrows go like this They go up and down I’m making my nose two holes where the boogers come out a big nose for boogers And … Read More

What’s that in the window?

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By Mage I have observed a curious pattern happening in the Seed room over the last couple of weeks. A couple of weeks ago, I saw Sen put the close-up images of eyes along the edge of the windows in our classroom.          

Nature can take it

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By Shella Yay! Spring is slowly but surely making an appearance as we make our way into March. I am more than excited to welcome the season and (hopefully) the sunshine. The past few weeks of bearable weather have made it easy for the Elm Room kids to get out and explore. As you may already know, we sometimes have … Read More

My Big Round Eyes!

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by Alisha This morning we started making clay self portraits, something we do every year with each child.  Its amazing to watch the children’s fluency in the language of clay change and develop over the course of their time at Tulip Tree. Seeing a self portrait from a child’s first year at school along side a self portrait from their last year at … Read More