Communication is key

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By Bee In a previous blog this week, Looking at you, looking at me, Mage reflected on, and wondered about, the children’s growing interest in one another’s bodies and gestures.  The opportunity arose for us to invite in a guest, Kristin, who is hard of hearing and uses American Sign Language. Kristin joined the seeds and the sprouts on Wednesday morning … Read More

Once Upon a Time…

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This morning Laura told a story about fairness and unfairness using animal props. Then for explore time, there was a story workshop.  Some children included the theme of fairness into their stories. The pets are in there little coops and the puppies are about to go to look and them. They’re at the pet store. And the dogs are jumping and … Read More

Looking at you, looking at me

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by Mage The other day I saw Luca and Sen sitting together in the back of the basement, far from where the other children were playing. I was sitting a short distance away and noticed that Luca and Sen had been sitting across from each other silently for several minutes, which can be a long time for a toddler. I … Read More

The Rescue Team

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by Alisha Introducing the Rescue Team, a super team dedicated to  helping friends.  As RR, or Super Wolf, said, “My friends get stuck a lot so Rescue Team rescues them.”

Staying in the moment.

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By Shella An average day in the Elm Room consists of so much activity, one has to ask themselves, “am I  missing anything?” The truth is, as educators (and even as parents), we miss moments that are sometimes pivotal in our children’s growth and development. I often hear, “I don’t know where they got that word/phrase! They just woke up … Read More


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By Bee These past couple of weeks at Elm House have been such a whirlwind. Coming back from break, meeting lots of new faces, and then a random bout of illness! It’s been apparent that things haven’t felt as grounded here in our little home since we’ve been back. I know, I know, that doesn’t feel super good to read, but … Read More