Fourth Trip Around the Sun

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By Laura Today we celebrated MH’s fourth birthday, along with Ajai, Christin and MH’s baby brother.  MH brought in a cuddly bunny to share with her classmates. She explained, “Well, the bunny has a name after the old bunny–Ginger.” She told us, “I got it from my Dad’s brother.” Her uncle lives in Australia and sent the bunny and a … Read More

Chicken Letter

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by Sarah Lu This morning we did some stretching out, like chickens. We have noticed lately that the babies have begun to stretch a leg and a wing at the same time, like this.   Laura has a niece named Nora. She will be three years old in July, and lives in Minnesota. Her class at preschool has been really … Read More

First Try at Spicy Work

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by Alisha Today we had our first whole class Spicy Work for the Thursday/Friday group. Children who are already very familiar with Spicy Work reminded us of the agreements: 1. Teachers pick your partners. 2. Partners stay together for the entire time. 3. You cannot move from one choice to another until you have agreed on the next choice together.

When I am Among Trees

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WHEN I AM AMONG TREES When I am among the trees, especially the willows and the honey locust, equally the beech, the oaks, and the pines, they give off such hints of gladness. I would almost say that they save me, and daily. I am so distant from the hope of myself, in which I have goodness, and discernment, and … Read More

Counting Votes

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by Alisha Today we voted to decide the name of the last unnamed chick. We had many suggestions from last week including Drumstick, Princess, Hot Spots, Stripey Stripe, Red Paint, Digger and Sparkle. First we voted on the 7  name suggestions… Then we narrowed it down to the 3 names with the highest number of votes which were Drumstick, Sparkle and Digger…


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by Sarah Lu   When we speak of aesthetics, we speak of our bodies. From this point of view we can have a better understanding of what is meant by art. The work of art is to create antennae. Antennae which perceive all that is intolerable, discomforting, hateful and repugnant in the universe that we ourselves have created. Antennae capable … Read More