“I get to blow out the candles.”

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By Laura Today we celebrated CTG’s fourth birthday with his mom, Claire.   CTG selected a special book to share with his classmates. Claire read it aloud to us all, it is called I Promise I’ll Find You. On each page the narrator describes the vehicles (or animals) they would ride on and the distances they would travel to find a … Read More

Fly, Little Butterfly

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by Alisha Today we celebrated KP’s 3rd birthday. She arrived at school with a butterfly costume in hand. “This is my special butterly. I’m going to put it on.” As Kira put her special costume on and walked into the classroom, children flocked to her. “I have one of those too!” DH told her. “Can I try it on?” Another child … Read More

Blue B’s Birthday, Too!

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by Alisha “Is Blue B almost here?” AO asked during explore time. Sure enough Sarah, Ryan and Alena arrived for lunch circle, Blue B in hand. Blue B is AO’s blanket that he got as a gift when he was born. His Moni (grandmother) knitted it for him. He still rubs it on his face when he is sad or feeling lonely. … Read More

We Really Are Scientists!

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As a small group looked closely through magnifying glasses at the flowers on the table, and as we made more connections from our reading/dancing to the artifacts in front of us, my heart swelled with the possibilities that we all hold as human beings.

The Giant and The Ants

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by Alisha For the past couple months, the Monday/ Tuesday afternoon group has been informally telling a LONG ongoing story during the transition from outside to rest time. While we all huddle together in the bathroom (waiting for the toilet, going potty, washing hands),  I start the next part of the story. The children usually remember where we left off even if … Read More