Really Real Wolf

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by Alisha Today during explore time I had an appointment with some children to draw and paint wolf portraits. We spent a lot of time looking at various wolf photographs. Each child picked a photo that they really really liked. The children spent the next half hour carefully drawing and then painting each detail. After rest time, more children got the … Read More

Fill It UP!!

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When I asked who has felt sad and lonely, I was surprised that only about half of the kids raised their hands. As I reflect on this, it reminds me just how inherently hard it is to show others that we are feeling sad, lovely, scared, or nervous.

Imagining with Clay

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by Alisha Continuing our work on Flying Bunny Island the children sculpted some of their favorite features and creatures of the island out of clay. Clay gave us new questions about our creatures–“Well, how big around is her head??” or “Does the cave open up big or is it a hole?” Some of the children wanted to use the already painted pictures as a reference, … Read More

The Real Wolf and the Metaphorical Wolf

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And I think that both the preschoolers and the grown-ups can hold both in our heads and hearts–the real wolf in its full wild, majestic, nurturing glory and the pretend wolf who speaks to our shadow side, our mysteries, and our aggression.

Journey and His Pack

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by Alisha Today we had two visitors from Oregon Wild at our circle. They came to share with us their extensive knowledge about the wolf population in Oregon. We learned that their are 9 wolf packs in Oregon, to which many children replied, “I live in Oregon!” We also found that they live in packs that are made up of big families … Read More

Four and a Half Trips Around the Sun

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by Sarah Lu In the beginning, there was no GR in the world… And the days went by… and the weeks went by… and the months went by… and out of the darkness, GR was born. GR, unlike most babies, was born on her due date. This makes sense to me. I think if GR had a choice, she would … Read More