Once upon a time…

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by Alisha This morning we told lots of stories and acted them out before lunch time. Daddy goes to daddy’s gym. Daddy goes home. Daddy goes to the store and home. JSL and HSL and Daddy. The end -JSL   DH played the role of JSL. HSL played himself and MF played daddy.                 … Read More

Flying Bunny Island

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by Alisha For the past few weeks, the small Monday and Tuesday group has been developing a ritual after rest time. We all sit (very) close together and read about the pretend island in the book The Land of Neverbelieve by Norman Messenger. The book starts with an introduction to the island, which the author “discovered and explored and recorded” all wild … Read More

Now One Foot . . .

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By Laura *Note: This morning when we were playing outside before circle we noticed that our bunny Lucy was out in the yard behind The Commons. While watching her we realized that our other bunny Ginger had also escaped and that she was dead. We think a raccoon killed her last night. Many of the children saw her dead body and we talked … Read More

Henrietta la Gallina

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The anti-bias work that is part of our curriculum is moving me towards a deeper view of our world. As I reach out to learn new things myself I gain new goals and visions for our school and community, as well as for my own family.

A Picture Story

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by Alisha MR: Let’s make a picture book! Once upon a time there was a plant.The plant said, “said.” And a glove came walking byand the glove said, “glove!”

It Makes the Bunnies Hop!

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by Alisha Today at circle we learned about tempo and volume. We practiced various combinations of tempo and volume using egg shakers. During explore time I had a music appointment with six children, which was more of a free exploration of all of our instruments. Since the loft was built, children have a better view of the instruments on the shelf … Read More