Cool As a ‘Cumber

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By Laura Well, we didn’t do the full birthday celebration for Alisha–her parents didn’t come in and we didn’t watch her take 26 trips around the sun. But we did count all the way to 26 before singing to her at lunchtime. Also at lunch WG noticed DH’s cucumber and began asking his friends if they were “cumbers”. Alisha said, “Are … Read More

Who’s Bigger Than Who?

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by Alisha Today at circle we played a game called “Who’s bigger?”. First we compared animals We unanimously decided that the parent zebra was bigger than the baby zebra. The bear and giraffe were a little more tricky. Some kids thought the girraffe was bigger and others thought the bear was bigger. Ultimately we decided the giraffe was taller and … Read More

Best Boogie Award

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by Sarah Lu SS’s parents won the best boogie at a birthday so far this year. The rest of you will have to pick up your game during our birthday song. They were gettin’ down, cutting’ a rug, jigging, bustin’ a move. And the children were right there with them. I think all of the boys enjoyed having a dancing … Read More

Two Ways to Tell Stories

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by Alisha One story about something that really happened: Once upon a time there was a mama and a little boy. And the mama’s name was SL and the little boy’s name was WG. And one day, their cat named Ozzie died. And a girl named AH and a girl named GR, they sang “We Wish You Well” and then … Read More

Our Oldest Turns Five

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By Laura Not so very long ago, CS was a tiny two-year old just starting at preschool. Today we were joined by her parents, Oliver and Emilia, and her younger sister to celebrate her fifth birthday. CS, who loves telling everyone information or stories at circle time and even recently asked to sing a solo in front of the whole … Read More

A Baby Brother

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by Sarah Lu MH: “My mom, in the middle of the night, when she was having contractions, her water broke. And my dad called the midwives to come. She got into the birth tub. Contractions and breathing made the baby come out. The midwives pushed the baby out.” This is how MH described what had changed in her family during … Read More

The Squirrel and Bunny Show

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by Alisha CR: They are trying to see who can jump over this!MR: they are standing by their favorite colors!C: We are going to make a shadow puppet show. We have lights and a stage so we can see it. Per bunny, per person at a time.

Little Stocking Stuffer

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By Laura We have a lot of late December/early January birthdays in our classroom, so we started the birthday celebration train early this year, beginning with the 4th birthday of AH. Tracy and Andrea, AH’s parents, joined us this morning for our circle. Tracy told us they were waiting for AH to be born, they thought, we don’t really care … Read More