Maybe they Have Pokies on Them…

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The first part of the conversation seems focused around gender, which surprised me, but seems to be a big interest for the kids. Are bad guys women or men? Good question. And the second part of the conversation brought up for me the huge issues of safety and security. I loved discussing all of these ideas with these kids today. Their thinking around these ideas is so real, so rich.

“No. I’m the drummer.”

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By Laura When we first visited the home of SS before this school year started, he gave us an elaborate tour of all the items in his house. There were some hats hanging up and he told us, “That’s my dad’s hat, that’s my worker hat, that’s my party hat…” He is very attuned to attire, frequently showing you his … Read More

A Little Goose Turns 4

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By Laura Today we celebrated the  birthday of CS. We were joined by her parents, Oliver and Emilia and her baby sister. CS was born four short years ago, just days before Christmas. She wanted her friends to know that she was born at home, on her parents’ bed. They described it as “one of the best days of our … Read More

Adopt this baby!

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by Alisha From yesterday’s workshop blossomed what I think will be a huge part of the our school year: Telling and acting out stories. So many of the Thursday/Friday kids have shown a lot of interest in telling and acting out the stories. Here are some stories that were told during explore time and acted out later at lunch circle: … Read More

Adoption Story Workshop

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by Alisha As we continue reading books about adoption, showing photographs of people in our community who are adopted and discussing adoption, the children are becoming more interested and curious. Today during explore time we had an adoption/ family story workshop. During story workshops there are many different activities set out for the children to find stories in. As they … Read More

Ahn’s Anger

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Emotional and social learning is a very important part of what we do at Tulip Tree Preschool. Because we know that this learning is at the heart of all other learning, we believe that teaching young children how to deal with their big emotions can help change the world.

Birthday Celebration All His Own

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By Laura Young OR has been coming to Tulip Tree for a long time, since before he was born! His older siblings attended for three years and he would frequently accompany them for their drop-offs and pick-ups and we’ve watched him grow from mama’s belly, to babe in arms, to toddling tot, to the comfortable, cool preschooler we know today. … Read More

The Best Present

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By Laura Today we celebrated AH’s third birthday with her parents Tracy and Andrea.   AH was actually born on December 25th, so Andrea said, “She was our Christmas present.” Now they celebrate Christmas and “AH-mas” (insert her first name for the initials). She was born to the sound of Christmas caroling–a family who had eight children had come to … Read More